Is Your Hand Hygiene Effective?

Happy 200th birthday Dr. Semmelweis, you showed us we need to wash our hands and guess what? We are still talking about it. Why, because we aren’t doing a great job of training people how to do it or showing them if they did it a good job not.

But now we can! - Please join me as I interview Dr. Tamás Haidegger, co-creator of the Semmelweis hand hygiene system that can objectively and quantitatively show us how well we performed hand hygiene.

Who can benefit from this knowledge:

  • Healthcare workers

  • Hospital visitors

  • Food handlers - Restaurants

  • Food handlers - Cruise Ships

  • School children

  • Everyone!

Well, I really enjoyed learning more about the Semmelweis hand hygiene system and I do hope you contact Tamás and his team to give you and your company a demonstration. Effective hand hygiene is so important today we have the tools to tell us if we effectively covered hour hands completely with the gel and the knowledge that we will be keeping our patients, guests, and ourselves safe. Please wash your hands and confirm you washed the well.

Remember CMS now is citing the first missed hand hygiene opportunity it sees. That means if they are surveying your facility a "no" given for hand hygiene is a deficient practice in relation to 42 CFR 416.51(a). Train your staff to have effective hand hygiene and they will do it!

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