My Public Commitment

Hello, Hello, and welcome to back to the Infection Prevention Spotlight.

I know it has been a while since my last podcast/blog and I really do apologize.

I’d like to let you know what’s been going on with me in the last few months.

As many of you know, I decided to go back to work after taking 6 months off and starting Infection Prevention Spotlight. I desperately needed a break from working and my family needed more help at home, so it was the perfect time to take a needed break, but I’m not really that type of person to just sit back and relax. So during my 6 months off, I created a company, made a website, took a course on podcasting and how to create, produce, and edit a podcast show, then published nine podcasts before I started working again. Along with sketching out ideas for my main focus which is e-learning for staff training in all areas of infection prevention.

I blinked and 6 months had gone by. My family was stable, my company was up and running in phase one and I was beginning phase two – the e-learning for staff training, so I decided I could go back to work. Well… it has been 7 months now since I went back to an Infection Prevention position and I have created another 10 podcasts, have one e-learning training done, but I feel like I have abandoned my dream of helping other Infection Preventionists. It has been a while since my last podcast. I think about the e-learning daily, but there is no momentum. I feel stuck and that makes me so frustrated.

It is hard to work full time and feel like I have no time for my “side” project that I know will help thousands of people NOT get a healthcare associated infection. I know the e-learnings are fantastic, fun, and will make healthcare workers understand not just what they should be doing to keep their patients safe, but the WHY behind it. I feel that the WHY is missing in most education. We talk and talk at our teams about what they need to do, but sometimes the connection is missing. Often they don’t see the direct line from their actions to the newly infected patient.

So that is my frustration, I know full time job and no time for a side project. Many of you have lots of things going on. I have a 5 year old too, and her needs come first. I have to put my family first before all else. I’ve done that, but now I need a balance to be effective and efficient in all areas.

So I’m now recommitting to use my time where I can, because in my soul I know I have to do this. I know what I’m creating can help. I’m telling you this so I will be publicly accountable. I’m also telling you this to apologize to those individuals who were listening to the podcast and who sent me kind words of encouragement. And to those of you who asked when the training coming. Well it is in full creation mode as I type. I hired an instructional designer to help with the technical creation and I’m so excited to show them to you.

So thank you for listening and thank you for supporting my efforts in helping rid the world of healthcare associated infections. You and I and our teams can do it. Thank you for taking ideas from this podcast and sharing them with your peers and your teams. And, thank you for being so committed to Infection Prevention.

Until next time. Please wash your hands.

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