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Welcome to our Research Behind Infection Prevention segment, where Dr. Mohamed Yassin provides tough questions to top researchers and leaders in their field.

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Podcast – Episode 27

Need Your Team to Use N95s More Safely?

"Reflective Practice Intervention Training” May Be the Key! - AJIC August 2020

Dr. Elizabeth Beam & Dr. Mohamed Yassin

August 3, 2020

Dr. Elizabeth Beam from the University of Nebraska Medical Center discusses her research on respiratory protection education in the context of health care worker safety.


Also in this episode, two new summaries of AJIC articles by Dr. Yassin: (1) a major article on environmental contamination of SARs-COV2 during the COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea and (2) a state of the science review article on MRSA VRE co-colonization in patients.

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August 2020 Issue of the American Journal of Infection Control

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More about Dr. Elizabeth Beam:


Elizabeth Beam, PhD, RN, is an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing.  Beth is the project director of an emergency preparedness education grant at the college called HEROES and is the Assistant Director of Research for the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit in Omaha, Nebraska. 

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Twitter: @NoOffPosition