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Podcast – Episode 31

Dec 1, 2020

What if nursing school student hand hygiene failed 70 percent of the time?* What if one-third of handrub dispensers failed to deliver the needed amount to sufficiently sanitize hands?** Unfortunately, studies have found both to be the case.


Come on the hand hygiene journey with Tamás Haidegger, co-founder of HandInScan. We discuss the new International Organization for Standardization ISO 23447 that is being developed to address hand hygiene training, compliance benchmarking, performance/feedback, and facility requirements for healthcare settings, including gel dispenser functionality.

"During do we make sure what we are doing 100 times a shift is good enough?"


The Next Wave of Cutting-Edge Technology is Here

A robust and thoughtfully-designed hand scanner paired with innovative AI technology sits at the centre of the Hand-in-Scan System. The Semmelweis Scanner™ has accumulated design awards the world over, and the proprietary technology that drives it is unprecedented in the industry. This comprehensive system provides accurate 3D scanning data that is then captured in the reporting software and processed for use in the support of ongoing training and Hand hygiene improvement.

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