Interview with Nurse Inventor:
Neil Morris

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Podcast – Episode 8

October 31, 2017

Infection Prevention Spotlight Podcast Host, Kara Mullane, Interviews Special Guest: Nurse Inventor of the Basin Glove - Neil Morris


Neil tells his story of the great idea he had as he was working as a nurse in the CVICU. He wanted a better way to keep his patients safe and free from HAIs.

From idea to market - the Basin Glove was created. A single use disposable wash basin liner.


Learn from Neil the process of bringing an idea to market. 

1. Don't tell anyone!

2. Do some online research to see if someone hasn’t already come up with the idea.

3. Hire an Intellectual Lawyer to do a patent search and patent your product.

4. Make a prototype first -  Neil used - they will bid out your project to developers, manufactures or what ever you need to produce your product.

5. Decide on the packaging.

6. Market your product (not so easy in healthcare). 

Neil shares his mistakes along the way and also what kept him motivated. 

Learn more about Neil's great idea: Basin Glove.

To request a sample or get in touch with Neil:

Basin Glove is distributed by Cardinal Health

and Owens & Minor -  product # 26928-08. 

Stay tuned, when the research article is complete we will be posting the results!