Infection Prevention Salary and Market Update

Jacob Hutcherson

Founder & CEO Clutch Recruitment


Podcast – Episode 44

August 5, 2021

Today I have the great pleasure to be speaking Clutch Recruitment Founder and CEO, Jacob Hutcherson.

For nearly a decade, Jacob Hutcherson has been a noteworthy leader in the Infection Prevention & Control space. 

Since 2015, Jacob has represented more than 800 Infection Prevention professionals in their pursuit of Infection Prevention jobs. He is the number one Infection Prevention recruiter in the nation, placing some of the most powerful and influential leaders in the industry. 

He currently resides in Chattanooga, TN with his wife and two young children. 

Jacob now serves as the Founder and CEO of Clutch Recruitment, a national recruiting firm that exclusively recruits within Infection Prevention & Control. 

In this podcast, Jacob lays out today's HOT IP Job Market. Want to know specifics about salaries across the United States of America, Jacob fills you in. Happy where you are right now, but wondering if you are underpaid?  Jacob walks you though what is happening right now and what you may want to think about in your current role and planning for your next step in the IP Career ladder.

Jacob can be reached at:

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