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Meet Rosie Bartel - 
        MRSA SSI Survivor
She shares her story with us -
      so we can learn.
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Podcast – Episode 37

February 11, 2021

We have the great fortune to be speaking with Rosie Bartel, Survivor of a massive MRSA SSI infection. Rosie shares her story and shows us how one person can help change the behaviors of healthcare professionals to keep other patients safe. You won’t want to miss this.

Rosie Bartel is a wife, mother, grandmother and an educator. In August of 2009, she underwent a total right knee replacement that developed into a MRSA staph infection. This healthcare acquired infection has led to 55 surgeries, over 200 hospitalizations, 100 blood transfusions, a right leg amputation six inches above the knee, and, eventually, a total hip amputation with the removal of part of her pelvic bone. She has also experienced sepsis and septic shock twelve times.

As she continues to battle this infection in her body, she is driven to share her story of survival. Every day, she uses the story of her journey to advise or advocate for others. She believes in helping patients and caregivers find their voice. As an educator, she used stories to teach children and adults. Today, she uses her own story to co-design with medical professionals and researchers and to advise and advocate for patients and their caregivers.

I do hope you enjoy the podcast with Rosie. She has such bravery to open herself up so we as healthcare professionals can learn from her. If you are interested in getting Rosie’s book for yourself or your staff, you can email her at