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Podcast – Episode 1

August 7, 2017

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Kara Mullane: Welcome to Infection Prevention Spotlight!

Hi everyone. My name is Kara Mullane. I’m a nurse, infection preventionist and CIC. If you’re not sure what CIC is, it’s Certified in Infection Control. I’ve been a nurse since 2005 and I’ve been in infection prevention since 2011. I’m really excited to come to you today and introduce the Infection Prevention Spotlight Podcast.


This podcast is the place for anyone responsible for Infection Prevention and keeping their patients, residents, or staff safe.  It is a place for IPs to be heard, to feel connected to others doing what you do and understanding how hard it is. You are not alone out there!


It has been a long time coming.

for the infection Preventionist to have a voice. We all get bogged down with multiple responsibilities in the hospital and the surgery center and all the other myriad of places where we work. But really to have a place that we can go, where we can express what it is to be responsible for all areas of infection prevention.


Where we can come and really talk about the issues, the need to keep up with all the research, the best practices. It’s not easy! When we have so much to do that we can barely breathe while we’re at work. So in order to keep up, we have to do so home if we even get to it with all our personal responsibilities. Yikes!


So part of what I would like to do with Infection Prevention Spotlight  is be a place where I will be interviewing folks from all different areas, Industry leaders, other infection Preventionists, Peri-op nurses, EMTs, manufacturers of devices, and even folks that unfortunately have gotten a healthcare associated infection.


We’re all interested in keeping our patients safe.

keeping the general population safe and included in what I would like to do is actually reach out to folks that have been in the hospital or have been in a surgery center that have gotten a healthcare-associated infection. It’s a big deal and we know it every day when we go to work. Someone has a new CAUTI. Someone has a CLABSI, another C. diff. But to put a face, to put a voice, to the scenario of what happened, what it meant when they had a knee surgery and then two months later, with a full blown infection they face serious life altering consequences. I truly feel that the more we can connect, the more our team connects with the actual people who get these healthcare associated infections, the better we will get at prevention.


Healthcare-associated infections are a huge, huge issue, for the individual and family on the receiving end, and for the Infection Preventionist and Team performance, but also financially for the facility. With pay-for-performance, it’s a big issue for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and rehab centers to really make sure that they have the processes and the procedures, the staff, the know-how to prevent these healthcare associated infections. All the tools in place to keep their patients safe, their Medicare funding secure, and their reputation intact.


No Harm! No Harm! No Harm!

That’s the mantra around the Risk / Quality Department and that them has to flow to the rest of the facility. Infection Prevention Spotlight is here to help, to provide support, and to hopefully motivate and excite all of us on our Journey to Zero HAIs!


One way Infection Prevention Spotlight will help is with the second podcast each week.


The second weekly podcast spotlights the American Journal of Infection Control and their article abstracts.


You want to keep up-to-date but sometimes you just can’t, so let me help you.


I will be reading the American Journal   of Infection Control, the abstracts. I know as an Infection Preventionist, I often don’t have time to go through and read the entire journal.


Or often you can’t even get to that latest journal sitting on your desk. Let me read you the abstracts so you hear what resonates with you based on and what’s going on at your facility. Then you can read that specific article or full journal when you make some time.


You may be thinking: 

When will I have time to listen to someone read maybe a not so exciting article abstract? Well I love to listen to podcasts while driving. Most of our commutes are at least 20 minutes long these days, so sit back two hands on the wheel and listen, think about the new research how it applies to you at your facility, then find the AJIC journal under your pile of papers on your desk and read the full article.


What else will Infection Prevention Spotlight Podcast be about? Basically all things infection prevention. Yup and that includes reporting. What report is coming out publically? What’s the latest form NHSN? The serious citations from CMS. Why am I spotlighting these topics, because we can learn from them and take it back to our own practice and team to do better for our patients?


So that’s my idea around Infection Prevention Spotlight. This is a place for IPs, directors of nursing, skilled nursing facility directors, risk directors, seriously, it’s for anyone who has responsibilities for the Infection Prevention in any area. I mean we’re all responsible for infection prevention.


This is also the place for us to come together to have a conversation about what it is like to have that responsibility for infection prevention. You know and I know, it’s so hard. It’s such a responsibility. Often there may be one of you as the sole IP at a facility, or you may be the IP and the Employee Health nurse and maybe another role too. For such a serious matter as infection prevention and the financial impact of Healthcare-associated infections, you would think that the Infection Prevention Department would be well staffed and resourced. We all know that is not the norm and the IP is struggling in the day to day surveillance, reviewing patients and labs, consulting to the ED, nursing units, Peri-op, talking with the local public health department, and oh right trying to implement performance improvement initiatives.  Take a breath join us. I’d love to hear from you, and get your feedback. If you would like to be interviewed on this podcast, we can talk about what’s going on where you are. We definitely don’t need to say where you work.


But we can say you work in a skilled nursing facility and this is what’s going on at skilled nursing facilities and maybe we can come up with some ideas on how we can better the transition from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility so we can share what’s going on with that patient and we can all be protected, the skilled nursing facility, the ambulance, the hospital.


So that’s my idea,

To really have this be a place where we can all come together and think about things, hear what’s going on, what’s going on with infection prevention and healthcare-associated infections, and hopefully laugh a bit. The pressure is high, the responsibility is off the charts, and we all want to prevent infections, we want to keep our patients safe, we want our facility to have a great rating, we don’t want to lose millions of dollars in Medicare funding because we can’t get our rates or SIRs down.


So I welcome you.

Please reach out to me. You can reach me at Kara@infectionpreventionspotlight.com and like I said, I will be coming to you twice a week with this podcast. One, interviews and solo shows with information. The other, best practices, reading of abstracts from the American Journal of Infection Control.


I hope you do come back!

Check out another podcast here. My goal is to make this a wonderful place for all things infection prevention. Let’s get that spotlight on the critical issues. So come join me at InfectionPreventionSpotlight.com. I’m just starting on my journey with this site and I would love your input. If you would like something that you’re not finding, please let me know and we will get that out there for you and everyone.


If you know of someone else who may be interested in this podcast, please share it.


Well, thank you so much for spending time with me. I really appreciate it. So until next time, everybody, please wash your hands. Take care all.


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